Impulse Yoga - The free flow of spontaneous movement

The yoga impulse practice offers a fascinating way to increase our levels of energy and vitality, and to release tension or stress in our minds and bodies. It can bring the body and mind closer to the silence within.

Impulse Yoga - The free flow of spontaneous movement
Bok - ISBN 978-82-91405-31-5
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Author: Torbjørn Hobbel

Torbjørn Hobbel is an initiator in the Acem School of Meditation and an advisor to the Acem School of Yoga. He is in charge of Acem’s activities in India.

The book builds on an article originally published in the periodical Dyade. It was written by Torbjørn Hobbel and edited by Dr. Are Holen, founder of the Acem School of Yoga (Norsk Yoga-skole). In 2009 they published the book «Meditative yoga – integrating body, breath and mind», now in second edition in Norway and available also in English, Spanish and Chinese. It has also been published in a black and white English edition by a prestigious publishing house in India